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Octavius takes you to an ethereal world of natural beauty and heritage. The experience is about the low-lying hill slopes beautifully clad with the green tea bushes, the melodious chirping of birds, the swiftly flowing streams, incredible vistas, the colonial comfort in the Director’s bungalows and above all. The freshest teas to be enjoyed. It is a hidden treasure in Dooars promising to give you the most exotic and innovative way to enjoy nature.

The tea estates have a reason to call you anytime in the year as every season has a unique experience and ambience, from the clear skies and New Year celebratory excitement in December/January, to the flowers and bird watching attractions of spring, from cozying up to a warm cup of tea and enjoying the romance of summer monsoon to exploring the great outdoors in autumn’s sun-filled days, ideal for touring and trekking, or relaxing in the verandah.


The Nya Sylee tea estate – is a two hour drive from the Baghdogra airport (about 70-80kms away) and is spread across 775.52 hectares and the area under plantation is 460.70 hectares. In the midst of this plantation is the original Directors’ Heritage Bungalow of the British era. It is a century old well-preserved colonial structure. This bungalow has been a home to generations of planters, and remains the focal point of Octavius hospitality…

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Sylee tea bungalows has been transformed to a tea-retreat with much love, sensitivity and devotion ensuring that heritage has been preserved and the history has been kept alive. However, to keep to our everyday requirements and desired comforts, the bungalow has been renovated with modern amenities…

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Octavius tea resorts - at a glance


Octavius exports you to an unexplored world of unimaginable natural beauty and heritage.

gracious hospitality

Staff will simply pamper you throughout your stay as our aim is to take care of your well-being.


Octavius gives you the much needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

in the lap of nature

The privacy and authenticity of your stay at Octavius experience is unbeatable.

social responsibility

Octavius is committed to the concept of ‘Responsible Tourism’.

weather round the year

The climate of Dooars plains is similar to districts of North Bengal.

Bookings and Reservations

Assisting you in making a booking, organizing a special event or stay.

Easy Access from Air & Train

Connectivity from Bagdogra Airport & NJP Railway Station.

need we say more

Exceptionally Good place!

Tea Garden full of tea leaves spreading to a big vastness full of the green tea leaves in full ,women and men folk plucking them as per their with a style of their own.A spectacle of nature and very well maintained tea Estate and a must to see….

An Offbeat Destination

Great Green life…An easy drive…. A few lazy hair pin bends… A whole new world of serenity. Wonderful place to spend your holiday with family in peace and away from hustle-bustle of metros….

Contentment Simplified…

Octavius is a quintessential nature hideaway. Acres of virginal wilderness entrancingly held together by the tea gardens. Anyone who wants a completely refreshing experience, including nature lovers, honeymooners, adventure tourists, farm tourists or casual holiday-makers, will find this an ideal setting perfectly in tune with their dreams…..


While the colonial comforts of the bungalow might make you consider inactivity to be the perfect form of activity, Octavius offers enough temptations for you to step out of your comfort zone. A platter of activities is designed to draw you out, and help you become part of the rich nature and culture of the land.

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