Our Genuine Endeavour is to make Tea Sustainable

Octavius Tea and Industries Ltd. is a company that’s unparalleled by its rich heritage, experience, culture & values. Being accountable and responsible for a better environment and living sustainably has always been our objective. The importance of sustainable farming has been deeply ingrained in our systems for ages. We have set high standards for sustainability to conserve wildlife, wetlands and promote the well-being of workers and their communities. We are passionate about ensuring that our efforts enrich the environment.

There is no greater joy than coexisting in harmony with earth, especially when our teas are the reason behind it. Making a shift towards sustainability in our lifestyles is the need of the hour and Octavius Tea is implementing its share for an eco-conscious environment by offering sustainable packaging in their every product category. Octavius is committed to recycling and keeps that in mind while designing packaging. Due to their waste-free processing, Octavius saves thousands of trees every year. A lot of our packaging are compostable.

Biodegradable packaging, Recyclable & reusable tins and wooden boxes, Tea manufactured at our plantations is packaged in reusable or recycle-able bulk bags, to save the earth from more polythene landfill.